dinsdag 3 april 2012

Walking (2)

This is the continuation of yesterdays post of our walk in Crailoo. I wanted to show you this area with water and a meandering plank bridge track.  It is like you walk over water.

We didn't make the walk over the track this time, we did before, last time we were here,  it was to cold and there was not much to see in the water now.

And a last picture of the heathland.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. ah, the bridge is a good good idea. It is incredible it does not sink into the mud.
    Looks like a very peaceful place, Bieb.

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. What a fantastic spot for walking Bieb..I'm not so sure about the 'plank' bridge, I can just imagine myself 'wobbling' all the way across..if I even got that far haha!

  4. A lovely place !
    Arthur thanks for the Birthday wishes !

  5. Looks like a super area for a walk.


  6. Wat zal het daar fijn wandelen zijn. Dank je wel voor je goeie wensen. Gelukkig gaat het goed nu.
    Lieve groet Riet

  7. Walking on the boardwalk would be fun.