donderdag 21 juni 2012

Amsterdam Zoo

As long I can remember this dinosaur stands in the Amsterdam Zoo "Artis" as an eyecatcher behind  the fence. As a child I lived nearby and visited the zoo very often. Artis dates from the 19th century but has modernized lately. Nowadays I hardly visit a zoo anymore, it makes me sad to see animals living in captivity although I am sure they are cared very well.

But I like the impressive buildings as the aquarium with the stairs and the pilars. It dates from 1882.

This building used to be the Zoological Museum and is decorated with the images of animals.
The names on the facade are of zoologists of the 18th century.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ah, the older buildings need a good cleaning!
    they are neat to see.

  2. I thought about you yesterday when I was looking for some particular pictures and came across my albums from Amsterdam. I thought I saw so much, but you keep posting sights I need to return to see. The vintage building is so nice. Like the straight lines of it. I agree with you about feeling sad about animals living in captivity. I am thankful the zoos are kind and loving to them. genie

  3. I am so with you. I do not care to go to zoos anymore. The animals look bored and sad like a prisoner in a jail.

  4. aah, i have had classes a few times inside there when studying biology!
    i also had free entrance to the zoo for the entire duration of my study, but i hardly ever went.. (for the same reason as you).
    somehow i cannot remember the dinosaur...

  5. I feel the same way you do about animals in captivity.

    I just had a chance to catch up with your blog. it's such a pleasure being able to visit all the wonderful and interesting places you visit from the comfort of my computer chair. ;) Although it would be even nicer to be there in person. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  6. CaT,
    Funny you studdied there, the dinosaur is along the Plantage Middenlaan.