dinsdag 30 april 2013

A new King and Queen

These are the photos of the ceremony I made today from my television,  the 1 you see is of chanel 1. It was a stunning day. This is the start in the palace where the abdication of Queen Beatrix took place.

The three little princesses, Ariane, Amalia the new crownprincess and Alexia.

Queen Beatrix signs her abidication paper and is now Princess Beatrix.

Prince Willem-Alexander signs the paper and is now King Willem-Alexander and his wife is Queen Maxima.

Then they enter the balcony where Willem-Alexander held a short speech to thank his mother.

The old Queen steps back and the three princesses join their parents,

To wave to the public.
A few hours later is the ceremony in the New Church where the inauguration of the new King takes place.

Everybody has changed clothes and the princesses look cute in their blue dresses on the way to the nearby church.

Queen Maxima looks stunning in her blue dress and beautiful tiara, King Willem-Alexander wears the  kings coat made of velvet with ermine.

In the church.

Willem Alexander is sworn in.

The future Queen Amalia and the former Queen Beatrix.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima leave the Church.

On their way to a new life.

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  1. Fascinating! But the new queen looks for enthusiastic about her new future than does the king. :-)

  2. yessss. i like maxima's dresses. and the blue is very nice, royal blue, no..? :)
    the girls are cute, but why do they often have to wear similar dresses? i think it would be more fun if they were all wearing something completely different!

  3. Wat een mooie dag was het hé. Ik heb ook massa's foto's genomen, heb bijna de hele dag voor de TV gezeten.
    Het is een prachtig gezin.

  4. There was a lot of coverage in the UK of the ceremony. Your pictures are very good considering they were taken from the TV.The queen can now look forward to her retirement with her son taking over.

  5. What a beautiful Royal family. thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!

  6. Thanks for your account and all the photos. Queen Beatrix was a very lively looking lady.
    Now I heard part of the ceremony on the news. The Dutch can really cheer. They were very happy about the whole process.

  7. WAs Prince Charles there, taking notes?

  8. A very nice summary of a sunny day! You captured it well.

  9. @Kate
    Yes, Charles was there. King Willem-Alexander told him to give him a call later... :)

  10. Amalia sure looks like her grandmother - Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us - May the new King and his family have a wonderful life and a long life of goodness to the Dutch People. Queen Beatrix certainly looked stunning and a beautiful family - very lovely photos you captured from your TV and thanks again for sharing with us. Great Post :)

  11. Dearest Marianne,
    Great blog post about this very special day. Máxima indeed looked stunning in her royal blue gown!
    Guess what? We were able to watch live from Curaçao where we were for 10 days to celebrate Pieter's birthday the day before Queen's Day. His daughter Liz from Rotterdam did join us with husband Hans. By 4:00 AM when I went to the bathroom, together with my husband who also woke up; we turned on the TV and were able to see the signing and everything. That was 10:00 AM your time. Later we saw the rest till about 11:00 AM or 15:00 PM your time. We had to leave the hotel for the airport. There another treat did await us. All passengers were offered Dutch treats like poffertjes; bitterballen; orange bitter (drink); orange cupcakes; Tompouce with orange glazing. So nice decorated with red, white and blue crêpe rosettes and orange t-shirts were worn. A very festive atmosphere!
    Hugs to you,

  12. Marianne, ik heb 2 foto's van je gepikt voor kindereninalmere, dat vind je vast wel goed.... Ik kijk altijd met veel plezier naar jouw foto's!

  13. Erg leuke reportage heb je gemaakt!

  14. Very interesting post Marianne!!!