woensdag 1 mei 2013

What a day!

What an event it was yesterday. At ten o'clock we were ready to watch the television, so was Sofietje. I had my camera on a tripod and had only to click for beautiful pictures, I showed you yesterday.

After the abdication I rushed into the village to have a look at the "Free market". At Queensday, the celebration of Queen Beatrix birthday, everybody is allowed to sell their attic stuff on the street. Many people try to earn some money, mostly children sell their toys or do games. This car could be painted by children.

These children had made a game "Throwing sponge", the girl in the hole was bombarded with a wet sponge.

This woman was selling her clothes.

A friend of mine had asked to look for some utensils which he could give some relatives in Kenya, Africa. Look what I found, 25 knives an 21 forks and one spoon for just four and a half euros! A bargain.

Then rush home again to watch the inauguration.

And after diner, television again to watch the boat tour the King made with his family on the river IJ.
It was sunny but bitterly cold and Maxima and the Lord Mayor's wife were braving the cold in their evening dresses.

 Along the tour were all kind of events, music, ballet and sports. At one moment the Royal family climbed from their boat to greet DJ Armin van Buren, who was making a dance event with the a classical orchestra.
Watch the beautiful dress of Maxima in the open air, she must have a pneumonia now.
It was a day to remember.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. We saw a snippet on our news. Loved all the orange. They make a beautiful royal couple. I love the blue blue dress.

  2. What a day you and your country had! Celebration is definitely in order!

  3. What a wonderful day Marianne, I was thinking about you when I was watching it on TV today, they had a very good coverage of this momentous occasion here in Perth, I enjoyed it very much.

  4. hahahaha, you are so funny. she must have pneumonia now...
    but the dress looked really nice! how often did she change? 3 times..?!

  5. Je hebt enkele fantastische foto's van het koningspaar. Mooie selectie.


  6. What fun. I think Sofieje is enjoying it all too.

    Gosh the Queen is a beauty!

  7. What a lovely family. I thought your weather must be really hot when I saw her dress but then I read your comment. Obviously the same weather as here. But a glorious day nevertheless.

  8. Wat een goed idee om een tripod neer te zetten. Ik heb ongeveer dezelfde foto's maar het de hele tijd met mijn toestel in de aanslag gezeten. Ja dat kan je wel zeggen, wat een dag.Maar een prachtige en ik heb nog van niemand gehoord dat ze het niet geweldig vonden.

  9. CaT,
    Maxima wore three dresses indeed, the first one in the morning was mad by Belgian designer Eduard Vermeulen and the two others by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. He is a young designer and he once designed the "Postbag" jacket for her, remember? Everybody was stunned by the blue dress and coat he has made and the red lace evening dress. It is the talk of the town here, she couldn't have had a better choice. When you watch the details it is amazingly embroidered.
    The princesses blue dresses were designed by the Belgian designer and the dresses are all three made different when you watch the details.I don't mind they look the same way dressed. Many mothers do the same with their daughters.

  10. Opnieuw een mooie reeks foto's van een bijzondere dag. Erg leuk ook met Sofietje.

  11. It looks like the Dutch had a great day and felt very good about themselves.

  12. I love it that the children are painting the car and having such fun. That market must have been such fun to walk about and peek at all the vendors things. Aah, the excitement in the air - the royal family are just true beauties and look so nice in all dress changes.

  13. Beste Marianne,
    Een erg koningsgezinde Sofietje hebben jullie! Geinig dat zo'n beestje ook net meedoet zoals haar human parents!
    Een heel fijn weekend wens ik je toe.
    We zijn weer thuis sinds woensdagmorgen half drie. Koel is het hier voor onze streek maar het komt wel weer. De tuin groeit goed; veel werk.