maandag 27 mei 2013

Photo Festival Naarden (2)

Yesterday we returned to the Photo Festival Naarden as we had just seen the half of the exhibitions. As I told before Naarden is a fortress city and has ramparts all around which are used for a museum and also for this exhibition. In the open air on the ramparts were these photos of people in Afghanistan placed between the cannons of the Fortress Museum. The photos didn't show the war but the photographer Marieke van der Velden wanted to show what people do on a Monday Morning in Kabul, their daily life what is still going on during the difficult times.

In the ramparts are long corridors with exhibitions.

We walked under the ground through caves where it was rather cold.

And sometimes rather spooky.

Outside also everywhere photos.
It is always an exciting festival to see so much photos at all the different locations.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi fort! Is het niet erg vochtig daar?

  2. I am not sure where it looked colder, inside or out, but I would have loved seeing all of those photographs.

  3. What a fantastic venue for an exhibition Marianne, the tunnels would have been really cool, literally and figuratively :)

  4. Like Janey, I would have loved to be able to attend that festival. Looks pretty cool!

  5. An interesting space for a show although I would be happy to get back outside.

  6. Peter,
    Ja dat dacht ik ook meteen, maar ze hadden overal gevelkacheltjes neergezet. Ik denk tegen de kou en ook het vocht misschien.