zondag 11 augustus 2013

Back again

Yesterday we said goodbye to beautiful Norway with its magnificent mountains.

And the many islands along the coast.

To arrive in the Netherlands with its straight coastline.

And organised pieces of land and crowded cities.
We had a great holiday and I made many, many photos which I have to sort out now, so it may take some time. 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What a neat comparison! Happy you had a nice trip...you have been missed!

  2. Welkom thuis. Zie heel graag je foto's van dat prachtige Noorwegen.

  3. Awesome shots to show the two different countries. the look different and also have different climates.

  4. nice!!
    enjoy sorting out.... and i hope to see something soon...

  5. Dearest Marianne,
    Welcome back home. You had very clear weather for your Royal Dutch Airlines flight. Lovely photos with always very informative text.
    Hope you get back into the routine after sorting out the laundry and other things from your vacation. One always needs to catch up on so many things after returning home.

  6. Oh boy, I wasn't expecting to be up in the air with that first photo. Once I adjusted I enjoyed the remainder of the pictures. Am looking forward to what you have to sort out.

  7. What lovely - very different views and so glad to hear you are back. Enjoy sorting all those photos. he,he - Now, I know what that is all about. Looking forward to your photos. Have a wonderful day :)

  8. Welcome home. Looking forward to following where you went.