maandag 12 augustus 2013


The first day we flew from Amsterdam to Oslo, the capital of Norway. We visited the "Radhuset", city hall, from the outside a rather dark brown brick building from 1950. For that time it was rather modern, but to me it looked not so inviting.

But the inside was a surprise, so huge and light with a marble floor and colourful decorations. This is the room where each year in December the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.

We were allowed to walk free around in the city hall without any security. Norway is very laid back and it is 
very pleasant not to pass all those guards and checks all the time. It is something you are not used to anymore.

The "Bystyresalen" where the 59 members of the city councel have their meetings.

Everywhere were decorations, even at the ceiling.

And above the entrance.

These  decorations at the outside beside of the entrance were carved in wood.

From the inside you had a great look at the Oslofjord and some sculptures at the square. Norway has a lot of sculptures everwhere, I will show you later on.

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  1. Wat mooi dat raadhuis van binnen, je kijkt je ogen uit.
    Fijne Maandag!

  2. Yes, the interior definitely is a surprise. Wonderful!!

  3. This just proves the saying 'you can't tell a book by its cover' :) the city hall is very beautiful inside Marianne and we are so lucky to see it here.

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Indeed the outside's architecture was looking rather dull. But the inside looks very impressive! What a beautiful artwork in marble and wood! Don't you love the excitement of entering in such a place and it looks overwhelmingly good?
    Looking forward to more of your photos.

  5. That was interesting. Thanks for showing it. I would never have thought to tour a city hall.

  6. You cannot judge a book by its cover as the saying goes.

  7. Hi, my friend,
    That photos are really nice! Loved your blog.
    Of course, I invite you to visit my blog whenever you like :)


  8. Wow, you are right outside is not inviting but inside a surprise. Beautiful big open areas and the art works amazing.

  9. Awesome building! I could spend a lot of time there. I like the two twos centered by the lower building that joins them.

  10. hoop dat je ervan genoten hebt
    het lijkt me de moeite
    en zet noorwegen op mijn verlanglijstje!

  11. Oh my, this is where I could spend a fair amount of time - very beautiful everything.....just beyond the doors and the view of the Olosfjord stunning.