woensdag 14 augustus 2013


We had a photo stop at the skating stadium in Hamar which is a "holy" place for the Dutch. Skating is our national sport and in this stadium we had many victories. One of our best speed skaters Kees Verkerk has even married a Norwegian girl and emigrated to Norway. He is living in the neighbourhood of Hamar.  Lillehammer had the Olympic Wintergames here in 1994 and the skating competitions took place here.
A group of children had a summer skating course and were excercising  in front of the stadium. First a warming-up.

And then dry-skating.

The Open-Air Museum Maihaugen in Lillehammer has one of the oldest "Stavkirken" a traditional wooden church.

The interior is all wood and colourful painted. It is very small and people used to stand in the church during the service.

Old farmhouses and parts of villages are collected and replaced in the Museum.

Many of them had nice furnitures and this old stove with blue tiles stole my heart.

This sweet girl offered us some "flatbrod" she had just fresh baked. A kind of bread as thin as paper.

We had a hotel with this view from our room.

Next morning I woke up by a ringing bell under the window which pointed out to be a grazing sheep.
Tomorrow we go up into the mountains.

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  1. Today your photos gave me an interesting tour of the buildings and people in the area. Well done!

  2. You really were on a "Dream" holiday - this is what I would love to do. I just enjoyed each and every photo here today and loved the ringing bell under your window in the morning. Anticipating your venture into the mountains Marianne tomorrow - have a wonderful day.

  3. A wonderful variety of photos and activities. Dry skating is an interesting concept! Love the church!

  4. oh what a quaint time away!!! you are so lucky. Tons of photo ops!!!
    enjoy, Bieb!!

  5. Loving this trip...and that you are sharing with us. The church is very similar to the house I posted! Would those be Dutch tiles on that stove?
    Looking forward to more....Love that view from your room.

  6. Beautiful series of images Marianne, the little wooden church is so sweet inside and out.

  7. Also like the furniture and the region.


  8. Dearest Marianne,
    What a lovely post for traveling along with you. Great photos from Hamar stadium and even more lovely from the Open Air Museum where authentic and historical Norwegian homes have been moved to. We ought to preserve the culture by relocating such precious buildings to a spot where many can enjoy them. We have our own Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem and in Germany we've visited one in Kommern. Very interesting to see how people used to live.
    Thanks for showing.

  9. You are taking in the culture and learning about the people and how they used to live. This is also a very beautiful country as you show with the view from your window.

  10. It would have been exciting to visit the site of your country's skating victories. It is a rare sport for Aussies, we don't have enough snow, ice and cold weather but we do have a few rinks, very few. The open air museum reminds me of one we went to in Switzerland.