donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Up in the mountains

Over a meandering road with many hair spin bends, called the "Trollstigen", the Trolls stairs, we drove through the "Grubandsdal" (valley).

We saw many waterfalls.

This was the top we reached, it almost looked unreal, like a Bob Ross painting, but it really looked like this.

This is the road we drove seen from above.

There were viewing points made to hang over the deep, they even made grills in the floor to look through!

You can still see the snow on the tops.

Then we drove to the city Alesund which looked like floating from above.

The center of this city was destroyed by a big fire in 1904. It was rebuilt with European help in art nouveau style in three years time. It is built on several islands connected with bridges.

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, this is just stunning, to see views like this. I do love the troll stairs up the mountain's winding road and especially the view of the valley like "Bob Ross" painting. Spectacular, really like that - then also really like the views of the city of Alesund, simply out of words at the beauty here.

  2. Wow! awesome series of shots! beautiful landscapes!

  3. I have scrolled through these several times....such beauty. I love blogging, you get to see so many corners of the world!

  4. This is so enjoyable to view. Thank you for showing it. I would like riding my motorcycle up that zig-zag road.

  5. Prachtige natuur. Jullie hebben veel gezien!

  6. Gewoon ongelooflijk, de haarspeldbochten van die weg. Niet goed voor mensen die autoziek worden.


  7. My stomach is turning over looking at some of those photos. I don't know how you managed the drive.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing your photos! It looks like a beautiful place and that road is incredible!

  9. Wow, you are in Norway now?
    Well, let me know if you are in Stavanger.
    I hope you will have a good time!

  10. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely photos and such beautiful scenery. Wow, that certainly were hair pin curves!
    Love the idea to make slits in the flooring of those look-out posts! Or like glass bottom so you get a real feeling of height and depth...

  11. Prachtig en vooral indrukwekkend, krijg er zelfs kippenvel van.

  12. Brilliant images Marianne..there's no way I would have been able to stand on that viewing ledge :)

  13. wow again beautiful and that "floating" city is absolutely gorgeous Thanks for sharing

  14. Gosh the scenery is stunning. I want to go to Norway. The town built on the islands is amazing. I wouldn't like to live there when the ice cap melts.

  15. now i want to go there as well!! so pretty!
    i was there as a kid with my parents and saw much of this all as well... but i forgot so much (and while in the car i was often sleeping... now i really wouldnt do that!!)