woensdag 29 januari 2014

Celebrities in Adverstising

The exhibition we saw in the exchange building I showed you yesterday, was about 100 years of advertisement and about the celebrities who are often used to recommend a product. It was fun to see all those sporters, movie-stars, tv-broadcasters recommend some strange products as cigarettes and soups. 
In the early days before WWII we hardly had any celebrities here, there was no television yet, only magazins. The famous Canadian Dionne quintuplet from 1934 were even here used in advertisements for soap and oatmeal.

Laurel and Hardy for dutch chocolate in 1935.

After WWII the American movie- and music-stars were very popular as Audrey Hepburn, Danny Kaye, Doris Day and Ronald Reagan for toothpaste, soap and foundation.

Here some dutch movie-stars Willeke van Ammelrooy and Monique van der Ven, who are now in their eldery ages already.

A dutch singer Willeke Alberti with some "tv-sausages".

Even the Royal family have their portraits on cookie-boxes, chocolate sprinkles and mint.
See here for more about the exhibit.

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  1. Oh this was great! thanks for putting it together!

  2. Het moet een erg leuke tentoonstelling zijn. Volgens mij met veel "o ja"- momenten.

  3. That would be interesting to see. I like Laurel & Hardy.

  4. Het toont aan dat die reklame spots toch al heel lang mee gaan.


  5. What a fun exhibit to see. My favorite was a future US President selling toothpaste!

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    Great post and some wonderful photos! But Audrey Hepburn is by no means an American movie star. Her Mother was a Dutch Baroness: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000030/bio
    She was even vacationing in Arnhem with her Mom... Interesting bio above and she belongs to one of my favorite TRUE movie stars like Grace Kelley.
    Lucky for having Internet with many outings maybe due to the ice storm?

    1. Yes I know her story, she had made several visits to the Netherlands as she felt still dutch in a way. That "Roman Holiday" movie I still like.

    2. Me too! She's one of those icons we can be proud of and claim her a little bit as being Dutch...

  7. Interesting how you can see history through advertising.

  8. Sommige reclame blijft je bij andere zegt me helemaal niets meer. Leuk om te zien.

  9. A trip down memory lane. Audrey Hepburn…what a wonderful star!!

  10. ah, looks nice. we were there in december, but didnt want to pay the entrance fee, hahahaha

  11. This would be an interesting exhibit to see! Thanks for showing us.