woensdag 30 april 2014

The Bauhaus tour

In Weimar we visited the Bauhaus Museum with some examples of the designs of the art academy as this chair from 1926 by Erich Dieckman. The Bauhaus people wanted in a new 20th century something complete different as the pompous furnitures and buildings of the 19th century. It had to be more straight and simple,  so this was very revolutionary in those times.

It is always a bit disappointing when you expect to see the Bauhaus university 

and discover it looks likes this all covered up. But it will be great after the renovations I am sure.

Inside were some nice decorations in the hallway.

Then we went to the students workshops building.

With beautiful decorated stairways.

And a very sweet German student guide at the left side, who did an excellent explanation in very clear German language that everybody could understand.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. What an interesting my trip you have taken us on. I had to laugh when you said she spoke in very clear German language. I marvel at how many languages most Europeans speak.
    Sad that you had to imagine how the building would look without the construction.

  2. Gives me an idea of what to do with the stairwell at my house.

  3. I am enjoying our trip around Weimar Marianne. It is a disappointment when you arrive expecting to see a particular building only to find it covered in scaffolding, still I guess renovations and improvements have to be made sometime.

  4. i like the statue in the last picture!!

  5. I love that graphic work in the stairway!

  6. Wat zijn er toch veel interessante dingen te zien!

  7. It is disappointing to see famous buildings wrapped in scaffolding but I guess it has to happen to keep these buildings beautiful.

  8. Stunning mural in the stairway.

  9. What a wonderful tour! I too like the mural in the stairway. The scaffolding is a necessary evil I suppose.

  10. Dearest Marianne,
    Quite an impressive tour and you were lucky with such a great young guide; that makes all the difference.