dinsdag 29 april 2014


The problem when you go together on a holiday tour and both have a blog, you make a lot of  the same photos. So to avoid a replica of hubby sccollections post I will show some different images. We made a theme tour about the Bauhaus art school in Germany, known as "School of Building". Our tour started in the city of Weimar that was a focal point of the German Enlightenment and home of the leading characters of the literary genre of Weimar Classicism. Here you see a statue of the two writers Goethe and Schiller.

This was the living House of Schiller.

Weimar is a pretty place with lots of old buildings.

The market place with the City Hall.

The composer Bach also lived in Weimar.

The carriage driver was dressed in style.

When we were having an icecream a young girl asked us to have an interview for her school about experimental movies. We didn't know much about the subject but were filmed and interviewed and had a lot of fun together. Look at sccollections blog about the Bauhaus subject.

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  1. And s.c. was nice enough to hold your ice cream for you. :-)

  2. What a sweet little girl! Love the range of time, starting with historical figures, varied architecture, and the modern sensibilities in an historic place with contemporary people!

  3. Goethe and Schiller were two of my favorite writers when I was younger! There are statues of Goethe in many places in Europe! Weimar seems very attractive. And so , you became stars! great ! :o)

  4. Yes, I know the problem when both of you are bloggers. We have the same problem. We used to always try to be different but now we don't care if they are similar as different people read our blogs. Weimar is a pretty town and a literary one too.

  5. A lovely town! I really like the yellow buildings.

  6. Hoop dat je ijsje niet gesmolten is. Mooie foto's, Weimar heeft interessante gebouwen

  7. The solution is not to publish the sae topic together. I also love your pictures of the Berlin Wall.


  8. Great photos of historic buildings.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely visit with great weather too.
    That was quite a nice residence where Schiller lived and Weimar did have more prominent residents living there.
    Lovely ice-cream photo!

  10. experimental movies?! interesting...
    when will you be in the cinemas..?!
    very pretty city...