maandag 4 augustus 2014

Ireland, day 6

On our way along the Galway Bay we pass Dunguaire Castle, named after the 7th century King Guaire of Connaught. The present castle dates from the 16th century and you can have a medieval banquet with harp music and poetry here.

At a little local farmers market with fresh products in Ballyvaughan we buy some delicious homemade cake.

And there is music of course.

Then we come to another strange natural phenomenon along the coast "The Burren", a limestone plateau. 

Between the stones are all kind of flowers blooming.

In the south part of the Burren the limestone changes in black shale and sandstone which has formed the magnificent "Cliffs of Moher".

They look so impressive.

We visit Bunratty Castle dating from the 15th century with four towers.

I climbed some very narrow steps in the towers to have a look at the bedroom.

And this room with a special ceiling.

And made it to the top.

At the estate is a Folk Park with all kinds of houses from the past you can visit as this water mill.

And a sweet donkey.
Our hotel for the night is in Limerick.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. No one can win Ireland in beautiful castles.


  2. Beautiful images of Ireland Marianne, here and in your last post. I was thinking about you when the plane was shot down, so many of your countrymen, many Australians also. It's a sad world right now.

  3. I love this virtual trip to Ireland you are taking us on - These photos are so beautiful and I especially love the one you took from the top of the tower. Lovely, just lovely :)

  4. Ah, well, the donkey takes the cake. However did you resist taking him home with you? :-)

  5. Ireland looks really very interesting country.
    These photos are lovely, thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm so enjoying your trip through Ireland. Wow, that castle bedroom is amazing!

  7. There's always an interesting old castle or geologic figure. The one castle is very severe with out any decorative detail.

  8. I find all the stone working amazing; that they could create such wonderful structures way back then with limited technology. Yes, amazing.

  9. Je maakt perfecte reclame voor een reisje naar Ierland!

  10. oooh, very pretty, those cliffs! and the flowers and everything!!
    haha, and can you imagine anyone ever climbing stairs to have a look at YOUR bedroom? :P

  11. In like that the castle is furnished.....and that ornate red ceiling is amazing.

  12. The Burren stands out for me... peculiar landscape! Magnificent shots!

  13. So green and lovely. The old buildings have such character. Of course, my friend the donkey, tops it all :)

    Peace :)

  14. Dearest Marianne,
    Quite an interesting and ever changing landscape like the limestone plateau.
    Surprising ceiling in that old square castle with its four towers!
    Ending with that cute donkey is a fun way...

  15. You are bringing back memories of our trip there. However, your photos are so bright and summery. We were on those cliffs with fierce wind and rain freezing us. We had a mediaeval banquet at Bunratty Castle but I didn't climb to the top. Well done!