donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Ireland, day 9

We drive to Kenmare to visit Druid's Circle, a prehistoric circle of 15 stones where probably people were sacrificed.

I noticed that many little places in Ireland have very colourful painted houses as here in Kenmare.

They use all kind of colours, sometimes a bit too much in my opinion, that yellow dazzles me.

On our way by boat from Glengarriff to Garinish Island we see several seals.

Garinish Island is a small island. Harold Peto made in 1910 an exotic garden here for a business man from Belfast called Annan Bryce.This is the Italian garden.

Than the boat came along to pick us up again.

In Middleton we visit the Old Middleton Distillery where the Jameson whiskey is made.

It is a huge complex with several buildings.

Where they had put some old cars with whiskey barrels.

17 opmerkingen:

  1. I was very interested to see the Harold Peto garden as I love his style. There are two of his gardens very near to where I live, one he designed for Lord Faringdon at Buscot and his own garden near the city of Bath.

  2. Oh, I do love the photos and the history, but those stones hold a very sad story. The scenery and painted houses are delightfully bright and remind me of St. John's Harbour in Newfoundland. I love that they are so colourful and bright and the distillery with the huge copper and olde trucks are most impressive.

  3. I think that seal was watching you! I agree about the houses. That green one is a tiny bit much too.I also like the shot of the little tour boat arriving to pick you up.

  4. Love those colorful buildings. Reminds me of Copenhagen!

  5. Ooo I'd like to have that Italian garden. The whiskey still would make I nice little home.

  6. Hello! Love the overcast sky, GREEN, and colorful buildings. Nice to see for desert eyes like mine!

  7. I am enjoying your visit to Ireland with all the beautiful scenery. It brings back fond memories of my trip there, as I recognize many of the places you photographed.

  8. Ik vind al die verschillende kleuren van de huizen wel wat hebben.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Looking at the very pregnant skies again, it does even make more sense to have such exotic looking, happy colors for those homes. That's their way of brightening up life...
    Lovely garden on the little island and looking happy and healthy in that environment.
    Great old trucks at the distillery with the barrels loaded up.

  10. Lovely Ireland, color houses and whisky...

  11. Human sacrifice, great - thanks evolution. What a bizarre species we are. And yet such beauty and innovation from the same minds...

  12. Ik wist dat Ierland zo mooi kon zijn.


  13. you did and saw a lot!
    those colorful houses are great. we passed many whiskey distilleries too, but didnt go.
    we did hope to see some seals, but we didnt... :( lucky you!

  14. That distillery is something else! The stone building really appeals to me.

    I think yellow works well with flowers, but not so much on a house.

  15. Such vibrant colors, in buildings and in the Jamieson whiskey structure.