woensdag 6 augustus 2014

Ireland, day 8

We start the day with a visit at Muckross House close to Killarney. This mansion was built in 1843 in Tudor style. No photos allowed of the inside so you have to do it with the rather sombre outside.

It is situated on a huge estate with views over mountains and lakes.

We make a tour over the Ring of Kerry, a beautiful road over the penunsila Iveragh with stunning nature.

And also here the Irish make music along the road, here with our bus driver Tommy.

Unfortunately the weather turns into bad rain but hubby SC is anyway making a photo of a statue on top of a mountain. I stayed in the bus.

The weather improves when we reach the "Ladies View" point, so called after Queen Victoria and her maid of honor on a visit here, who said this was the most beautiful view they had seen in Ireland.

So we decided to have a photo of the ladies of our group in front of the "Ladies view".

And we couldn't stay behind to catch the men.

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Ireland is marvellous for women and men.


  2. You did a great job photographing the scenery and the people of Ireland.

  3. haha, what fun to go with a larger group? I hope you had a good time with them.
    The countryside is very pretty!

  4. That castle is breathtaking, as is the view that Queen Victoria enjoyed. Lovely.

  5. Ireland is a country where I want to visit, thanks for you. It does not matter, though looks a bit rainy. These pictures are good travel ads.

  6. Looks like a fun group . "Two girls for every boy" - The Beach Boys

    1. That is why we were so tired after the tour.....

  7. Het landschap is echt prachtig. De dames weten wel wat mooi is..

  8. Wat een fantastisch mooi reis hebben jullie gemaakt. En je fotos zijn schitterend, echt genieten om zo even mee te reizen door dit mooie land.

  9. Wat een geweldige reis en wat een mooi land. Ik heb even naar beneden gescrolled en als je prachtige en leuke foto,s bekeken. Een hoop meer vrouwen dan mannen in de groep en de foto met de violist op een touwtje met van die heerlijk ouderwetse sokophouders vond ik zo leuk ook omdat het meeste publiek gewoon doorliep

  10. That is a beautiful view. Looks like a fun group. Do I spy you in the back, behind the lady in the red jacket?

  11. I love the views.
    How cold was it?

    I love the 6th photo from the top.

    Peace :)

  12. That rain looks horrendous!

    The mansion looks grand.

  13. Dearest Marianne,
    Beautiful scenery despite the on and off rainy weather which is so typical for Ireland. But when dressed properly that is no problem. You made the most of it and show us lovely photos and with some humor too.

  14. The views are stunning. Doesn't it make you mad when photography isn't allowed. I would have stayed in the bus too.