dinsdag 30 september 2014

Oldtimer show

Last Sunday there was a big oldtimer show in the shopping mall of Almere Stad with hundreds cars. I am not that  interested in cars but the weather was great and it was a nice opportunity to make photo's.

I made many photo's , just pick some out to show. Don't ask me for names, I only looked at the ones I liked.

There were little ones.

Huge ones with wings.

Nice dashbords.

And interesting insides.

In this Mini I had my first driving lessons long ago. I was twenty, earned my first money and decided to get a driver licence. I didn't made it to get the licence and after various attempts during my life I finally gave up and let me ride by others or use the public transport.

There is a lot to talk about cars.

Interesting front.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. For me it is fascinating to see the American made cars there and I wonder about their story as to how they became European residents.

  2. So many different makes and models of cars to look at. I'm more into people watching at events like this though!

  3. That nice red one in the second shot appeals to me the most.

  4. Car shows are usually interesting. The owners are always ready to tell you about the car.

  5. Dearest Marianne,
    That was a perfect day for a wide arrange of interests, due to the sunny weather. Even for observing people it was great!
    Some interesting old timers indeed with lovely burl wood dashboards and such.
    You are so lucky for being able to live in one of the world's most densily populated countries with extensive public transport. That way you can easily exist without a driver's license. Here in the USA, or in Canada and Australia, you would be lost... Without a car and almost no public transport it is impossible to exist.
    Funny that you had driving lessons in a mini!
    Sending you hugs,

  6. Quite nice to see all the makes and models of older cars, collectors items. Really very nice and many stories to be told here I am sure. Quite colourful and great photos.

  7. This kind of show draws a crowd wherever it is held. It seems that is offers a bit of nostalgia for people of a certain age. Took my grand-kids to one and they did not have the same reaction; of interest and awe as I!!

  8. I enjoy looking at old cars, and I'm not sure why. Their owners love to talk about them and I love stories -- maybe that's why!

  9. So many beautiful old cars.
    My NUMBER 1 is FIAT 500C.
    Just sooooooo cute!