zondag 15 maart 2015

At the Zoo (4)

Today a few other animals I saw in the Amsterdam Zoo. Here the big Sofietjes having a nap.

And a little sleeping fennec fox from the Sahara of North Africa.

The giraffes from Africa.

The beautiful striped zebras.

These two meerkats from Africa were the funny ones, all movements went syngronously.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. The animals look very relaxed Marianne, looks like it doesn't matter how big the pussy cats are, they love to nap :)

  2. I wonder what Sofietjie would make of her big cousins!

  3. Zoo are always fun to visit. You could pass the lions and miss them.

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Indeed, huge 'Sofietjes' and one wonders how they would behave as a pet!
    Meerkats are hilarious aninals and so very smart and sociable; aunts that babysit the young ones and such. Also one 'standing' guard!

  5. I know that many people are opposed to zoos but I love them if the animals are well-maintained and efforts are made to provide an environment that is "natural."