dinsdag 23 juni 2015


We saw so many buildings that first day, I just show you some snapshots of the old ones. This is the Townhall,  built 1892-1905.

The Stock Exchange building from the 17th century with a spiral tower.

The Nyhavn (New Harbour) has some very old houses, the eldest is 300 years old. The fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen has lived here in several houses.

The Frederiks's Church, populary known as the Marble Church from 1740.

Palace Amalienborg where the Queen lives.

You can see it was a dark grey and cold day, 12 degrees C (53.6F).
I stop here for the moment, I have trouble to upload photo's in the blog, it takes me hours, anyone else has the same problem? Is it a Blogger problem or my computer?

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie foto,s en wat een mooie gebouwen. Ik heb geen last met foto,s op mijn blog zetten. Tenminste dat had ik niet maar het is al weer even geleden .

  2. Do you mean it takes a long time just to post photos? I don't have a problem either posting photos to my computer or putting them on my blog each day. These building are very historic and very beautiful and interesting.

  3. Lovely buildings. A very cold day for Summer...
    I don't seem to have problems uploading photos to blogger.

  4. Amazing they could build such extravagant buildings hundreds of years ago. I always have trouble posting on the blog when I am on the road. Must be the wifi connections are slow or something.

  5. Wat een prachtige kerk, bijzonder met zo'n koepeldak.

  6. I haven't had a problem lately loading pics.

    Beautiful shots, Marianne... particularly the Frederik's Church!

  7. Many cities are smart enough to make their old buildings into great tourist attractions.

  8. How beautiful! I just love these old buildings.

  9. Great buildings. one of my son in laws was just there on business.
    I am having no trouble.Are you able to blog from your iPad ? I have never been able to do that.

  10. Dearest Marianne,
    You got some lovely photos and the weather was bad but you can dress for that and still be fine.
    Sunshine is always a bonus though.
    Hope your upload problem got settled!

  11. probably just a slow connection or Blogger itself. Beautiful buildings, especially the spiral tower on the stock exchange. I have noticed the Townhall looks like our Parliament Buildings and I am amazed there isn't a big fence around the Queen's House. Most lovely buildings and pretty colours.