woensdag 24 juni 2015

National Library

The old National Library in Copenhagen is situated in a beautiful park.

With a statue of philosopher Soren Kierkegaard ( 1813-1851)

Behind the old building, glued to it,  a new Library has raised called the "Black Diamond". It contains also a concerthall, bookstore, restaurant and exhibition space.

Inside it is huge.

It is situated on the waterfront with a great view.

The funny part is the old and the new library are connected inside and we had a look at the beautiful old place for the students.

This room was a no go area for visitors but I had look through the window.

The old catalogue cards.

Outside you could have a seat with a view at the river. You can see how cold it was, nobody opted for a seat.
The problems I had yesterday with uploading were caused by an overload of photos on my computer. SC solved the problems for me the whole afternoon, lucky me.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. My major thesis in undergraduate school was on Kierkegaard. It was good to see the old man looking so well. :-)

  2. Beautiful building, outside and inside.
    There is really lots of benches. And looks cold.
    Be nice to CS, when he took the time to your problem. Maybe he would make a problem which you can help :D

  3. On wow, who would have guessed looking at the old building that all that was going on behind there Marianne! The mixing of new to old has been beautifully achieved.

  4. It's nice they left the beautiful old building in front. I love the outdoor seats. A great place to sit and read and think.

  5. Dearest Marianne,
    That was indeed a rather cold but highly interesting visit of Copenhagen! What a dramatic and short life Soren Kierkegaard did live!

  6. The interior of the new building's quite dramatic, and I love the look of the original library.

  7. What a grand library! I like seeing the old card catalogue. I remember using them years ago!

  8. That's an amazing library. As a former librarian you would enjoy this tour. The card catalog is a real antique.

  9. Ik vond de oude bibliotheek mooier dan de nieuwe - meer karakter. But nice photos (and also in your previous post on Copenhagen).

  10. It's great to have someone around who is gifted technological!

  11. En wat een verschil tussen oud en nieuw. Historische waarde versus moderne architectuur, toch hebben beide hun charmes.