donderdag 25 juni 2015

Theaters in Copenhagen

There have some very interesting new theaters recently built in Copenhagen.The new Royal Danish Playhouse is situated on the waterfront and built by architects "Lundgaard & Tranberg

It has a cafe with an excellent view.

We didn't have a visit,  just walked through the building from one way in and out.

The Opera House seen from the theater on the other side of the waterfront.

We had a guided tour in the Opera House which dates from 2005 and was donated to the Danish state by A.P.Moller,  a co-founder of the company Maersk and built by architect Henning Larsen.

Inside the hall, you can see the wall of the auditorium made of maple wood.

Here also a magnificent view over the water.

It was a very interesting tour behind the scenes but photography was not allowed because of privacy matters. In the end we had a very quick footstep on the stage to feel like an artist and have a view on the balconies, but my one minute photo oppertunity unfortunately failed in blurr.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh! The opera house is dramatic, as it should be. And the stage shot is fantastic!

  2. The Opera House is grand and dramatic. It is quite spectacular. I agree withRevrunner!

  3. What a gorgeous building, I love the modern look. The last shot is grand. A great tour. Have a happy day!

  4. Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen!
    Great design/ architecture there, and always interesting things going on. Are you still in Copenhagen?
    I recommend a visit to if you have time. Anyway, HAPPY SUMMER!

    1. No, I am home again, I was there only three days and liked it very much. Only a bit to cold and rainy, but that is as the weather is here too. We have seen many interesting new architecture that was the main issue of the journey.

  5. This time I bet SC's heart was all a flutter with that ultra modern architecture.

  6. Ik vind de ronde vormen van het gebouw erg mooi.

  7. Even though it's blurry you certainly get a sense of the size of the theater from the stage. Very interesting building.

  8. Very modern designs- I really like both buildings.

  9. Wonderful architecture, so beautiful and modern.

  10. The new buildings are absolutely stunning.

  11. Lovely buildings. I like all the windows!

  12. Thank you for the tour. It is a very impressive building.