woensdag 16 september 2015

Prince's Day

Prince's Day is the opening-day of the Dutch Parliament and takes place every year on the third Tuesday of September in the Hague.

 The King and Queen ride in the Golden carriage from the Palace to the Hall of Knights

Former Queen, now Princes Beatrix was watching her son passing by in the rain. She is the one in the black dress.

To step out of the carriage with a long dress is always rather difficult for Queen Maxima.

King Willem-Alexander officially opened the new parliamentary year with a speech outlining the government's plan and the butget policies for the year ahead in the 13th century Hall of Knights.

A view of the Hall of Knights with all the parliament members and at the right the King and Queen.

And than it is back to the carriage.

So sad the red carpet didn't reach to the carriage and the beautiful silk, handpainted dress dragged on the wet street when leaving the Hall of Knights. That silly umbrella doesn't help much either. No money in the parliament left for a bigger one?

Back into the Palace the couple waved to the public from the balcony.
I hope you don't think I was a special reporter overthere. I watched the ceremony on television sitting in my warm and dry home with my camera at hand. I like to see the pomp and ceremony once a year and thought maybe you too.

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Fotografias fantásticas.
    Um abraço.

  2. Wow! You really got some great photos. Looks like you were right in the middle of things.

  3. Couldn't have an umbrella blocking peoples' views of the queen. :-)

  4. And the King very much a gentleman, with the Queen being seated in the golden carriage first. Lovely photos Marianne and very interesting ceremony. I am so impressed with the golden carriage - WOW

  5. Enjoyed your photos, Marianne. The royalty is always interesting, and one wonders what their life is like inside the palace walls. Too bad for the rain on that beautiful gown.

  6. Gee, no one is smiling until the final photo and then she is. Must have been the rain.

  7. Interesting celebration, and nice that you managed to take photos from the TV.
    I agree they could have a bigger umbrella, the poor King was left out in the rain too...

  8. I'd wondered- just what kind of access did you have? Then the last shot did make it feel like television. That coach is marvelous!

  9. That's a very stately ceremony. It helps to add some sober second thought or first thought to the whole process. Colorful photos.

  10. hah hah... I already thought that you're out there and you have the perfect place to photograph, and even the opportunity to move from one place to another ... until I read the last text.
    But anyway, stunning pictures taken even TV.
    This was a great appening.

  11. I never would have guessed your photos were from the TV! They are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wonderful coverage you have done Marianne . Beautiful. Was that at the Ridderzal (sp) in Den Haag?

  13. Dearest Marianne,
    Oh my, what a sad and rainy day it was... Too bad for all the extravaganza being used only once a year.
    Did you know that in my city of birth, in Horst, all the hats that have been worn will be displayed at the Museum de Kantfabriek?
    Loved the last photo, at leas Queen Máxima is smiling and for the rest there were not that many happy faces out in the rain...

    1. No I didn't know about the hats display. But it is becoming a statement to wear a hat with a message now, there are real weird ones among them.

  14. It is wonderful pomp and ceremony and I like to see traditions kept.

  15. That was really fun to see. Thanks for the photos. Your young king and queen are quite elegant, and that carriage is simply amazing!

  16. It appears to be an entirely different world with all that pomp and elegance. The coach is breathtaking. I would like to feast my eyes on it!

  17. Thank you Marianne it really was a solemn, yet lovely traditional ceremony. Oh yes I thought exactly as you did, one more metre of red carpet would have saved that gorgeous gown :)