dinsdag 15 september 2015

The "Castle"

Another building I visited at the Open Monumentsday was this home to the oldest trade union in the Netherlands dating from 1900. It was quickly nicknamed "De Burcht" ( the Castle) due to its rugged exterior.

The inside was stunning with a monumental bright stairwell. The walls are covered with yellow and white glazed bricks. Daylight streams in through the glass roof and a large wrought-iron lantarn, 12 metres long and 1100 kgs. illuminates the room in the evenings.

The architect "Berlage (1856-1934)" a prominent Dutch architect, meant to visualize the rise of the labour movements from the darkness of oppression to the bright light of the classless society.

Murals and other works by leading artists, supported by poetry celebrate the bright future that socialism will bring.

The union counsil hall.

The boardroom.

The library and reading room with its original bookcases with curtains.

A lot of people had come to pay a visit. Linking to "Our World Tuesday"

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Fascinating! The interior is beautifully designed and the staircase in the last photo looks like a set for a medieval play.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Everything about this building is interesting and full of light!

  3. I love the design inside and outside as well. I would love to visit this Castle and just roam from room to room. Lovely photos to share with us.

  4. Very ornate. I applaud those who will spend money to make something beautiful. It says much about their values.

  5. That is a building worth visiting. These open days are such a good idea especially when you get to see such architectural treasures.

  6. It is lovely! I really like all the details in the interior. Very impressive.

  7. I love the interiors, and that huge chandelier is amazing!