dinsdag 1 november 2016

Canal house

One of the nicest museums I like to visit it this "Museum of Bags and Purces" , or the "Tassenmuseum" as we call it in dutch, in Amsterdam. It is housed in a beautiful canalhouse from 1666.

This exhibition special attracted my attentention.

In the basement  this futuristic bag was placed in the window.

The inside looks beautiful a lounge where you can have a cosy seat after walking through the museum.

A little corridor.

The tearoom.

And a glass window in the staircase.

The residents who lived here until it became a museum in 2007.
Another time I'll show you some purses.
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12 opmerkingen:

  1. Alleen al het gebouw maakt het de moeite waard om naar binnen te gaan.

  2. This building is so wonderful both inside and outside.

  3. What a beautiful old building. The bags must have been interesting too. Hope you show us some.

  4. Yes, I would like to see some purses that qualify for a museum!

  5. It's a beautiful museum, looking forward to seeing thebags and purses 😊
    I didn't manage to see your King and Queen Marianne, I missed them yesterday at Elizabeth Quay, apparently it was such a lovely people meeting event and today I hoped to catch them as they left Government House on their way to Ascot to watch the race, but again I was too late. But you'll be pleased to hear that the weather was wonderful for them and I believe they really enjoyed their stay. I did see them on TV, such a good looking couple.

  6. That glass window is quite a sight, Marianne!

  7. Interesting idea for a museum! We have a shoe museum here and it is quite nice to tour through it.

  8. Like your header, b., especially the bike. :-)

  9. I am always amazed at the number of museums in Amsterdam......and I would love having tea in that tearoom.

  10. This is very beautiful and the tearoom lovely, I especially like the lounge where you can sit. That looks cozy.