woensdag 2 november 2016

The Royal Bags

This yellow gold evening bag adorned with coral and turquoise studs, 44 diamonds and a golden chain belonged to Princess Grace of Monaco.

The Hermes, "Kelly Bag", brown leather handbag designed for Princess Grace of Monaco. 
And a Lacloche, golden woven evening bag adorned with 35 diamonds, belonged also to Princess Grace of Monaco.

The handbags of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. When the Museum asked several Royal Houses for a handbag for their exhibition they received to their surprise six! handbags of  Queen Elizabeth, just by mail not even with a courier.

Straeter, black leather handbag with light and photo of Prince Bernhard, belongned to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, 1953.

A cotton bag with embroidery, top left a representation of Walcheren with a peasant girl in traditional costume and bottom right a representation of Bali with a girl in traditional costume in the forground.
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands preserved her painting necessities in this bag. 1900-1925.

It was rather dark inside this room, so it was difficult photographing.

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  1. Unusual exhibit, but I like it. Especially the Kelly bag.

  2. Some beautiful bags there, I like that first evening bag that belonged to Grace Kelly.

  3. Grace Kelly had good taste 😊 I think I like the last bag here Marianne, it looks big enough to hold all my 'stuff' ☺

  4. Well, since I'm not into bags , I'' tell you that I like your latest header

  5. There really are old handbags. I like the last one (but I don't use usually any).
    And I like a lot your new header.

  6. I think it would be great fun to tour this museum!

  7. I love bags and purses! I'd love to visit this museum in person.

  8. I like the gold evening bag of Princess Grace. Queen Elizabeth's bags look very functional.

  9. I like the last one cotton embrodiary bag.
    Coffee is on