dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Dutch Mountain

Last Sunday I climbed a mountain recently created in our village Almere Haven. When you live in a flat country as the Netherlands it is always exciting to see something that towers above the ground.

I started to walk up the 32 meters high mountain.

Together with a sheep.

On the top are some seats to enjoy the views around.

And a monument dedicated to the godfathers of  our city Almere as the architects, designers and managers.

A view at the colouring autumn woods.

The sheep seem to enjoy the mountain very much too.
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15 opmerkingen:

  1. Maybe the sheep are there to help keep the vegetation from blocking the view?

  2. In flat country it must be satisfying to view the land from this vantage point - Happy Tuesday!

  3. Well, I think building a mountain was a great idea....pretty exciting to have a sheep come along too!

  4. A man made mountain, that's interesting. I like the sheep around the mountain, makes it all very real.

  5. Yes, a mountain (or hill) is a great idea.
    Loved your photographs, and the weather did look nice too.

    All the best Jan

  6. That mountain looks a lot like the ones we have here in Florida! I always enjoy seeing sheep.

  7. A man made mountain! Well that's one way Marianne, and it certainly looks as if it's being used and enjoyed.. excellent!

  8. A different kind of view for everyone.

  9. That's a nice view. I guess I never thought of the Netherlands being flat so this mountain must be popular for people.

    I didn't get blown away yesterday. :) The storm wasn't as strong when it reached us. Cork felt the most of the impact with severe winds and lots of people lost power which will take days to restore. Glad that's over with.

  10. I would never expect to see a mountain in Holland.

  11. I'm going to google to see what the highest mountain in the Netherland

  12. dat had ik nu niet verwacht in Nederland :-)

    mooie foto's Marianne