woensdag 31 oktober 2018

Women of the World

 At the exhibition 1001 women in the Amsterdam Museum, there was a room with the walls covered with names of important Dutch women to mention.

With stickers you could add your own choice.
Linking to "Signs, signs2"

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Zoveel namen die ik niet ken..
    Is vast een interessante expositie.

  2. Hello !
    A very interesting exhibition and i have never seen something like that before!
    Lovely pictures! Enjoy your afternoon!

  3. I feel all women of the world are important, there would be no life without them oui ☺

  4. That wasn't a good translation Marianne but I'm sure you know what I meant 😀

  5. What a lovely idea for an exhibition. Women quite often don't get the recognition they deserve. By the way, I just noticed your British short haired cat. Gorgeous!!

  6. What a wonderful idea to let people participate in the exhibition by adding their choice to it.

  7. I think I know the name s.c. would choose. :-)