zaterdag 3 augustus 2019

Long Live Rembrandt

More than 8000 people in 95 countries responded to an open call of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to submit self-made artworks inspired by Rembrandt. An expert panel of  judges selected 575 works made by a total of 693 people for inclusion in the Long Live Rembrandt exhibition. The themes of the exhibition emerged from similarities between works made by the many different artistst. The themes include the "Night Watch", "Portraits in the style of Rembrandt and Rembrandt the storyteller.

The result is overwhelming

Some are so funny!

The Nightwatch  as a tapestry.

And the modern way. Watch their website with a little movie "here"

11 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great idea for an exhibit. I love it.

  2. They are so good. Love the artists with a sense of humour.

  3. What an interesting concept, I like it too. The one holding the phone with ear buds is funny.

  4. Well we modeling people like nothing so much as ourselves, our master works, lol

  5. Oh I love this Marianne. Gosh so many talented artists, some really funny interpretations too ☺