maandag 17 september 2012

Monday Mural

A mural in Almere Haven at a a wall of a company at a business area. See for more murals at Monday Mural
I was knocked out a few days by the flu which kept me in bed for three days. Hubby SC cared for me with tea and biscuits and now he is the one who lays in bed too. So together we stumble to the coming fall....

9 opmerkingen:

  1. The mural is excellent, looks almost like a real car parked here. So sorry to hear about your flu and now it's your turn to make the tea and biscuits..hope you both feel better real soon, take care.

  2. hope you are both on the mend soon!
    this car looks a bit big for Almere - or anywhere in Holland!

  3. Dat is een van mijn favoriete straat kunststijlen. Heel mooi.


  4. Always the fascination with big cars!
    Hope you both are better soon.

  5. very nice. I once had a similar looking car. regrettably.

  6. What a classy mural....and such a nice shadow, too. The car actually looks real it is so well done. genie