woensdag 26 juni 2013


Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of the province Overijssel, 120 km northeast of Amsterdam. It has a long history which goes back to 800 when it was founded by Frisian merchants and troops of Charlemagne. In 1230 the bishop of Utrecht granted Zwolle city rights and it became a member of the Hanseatic league in 1294.

It was rather difficult to make photos of the church at the marketplace. Because of  the weekly market  stands I couldn't get  the right distance. The rain didn't help either to make pictures and keep my camera dry.

The flowermarket.

A glass angel had landed at the market place. It is made by Herman Lamers.

And a pretty sight  at the Sassengate in the background.

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  1. I've seen the glass angel there as well. I feel it "detonates" with the surroundings. It is a nice statue but out of place there.

    1. Er was nogal wat over te doen las ik op internet.

  2. What a beautiful place...even when it's wet.

  3. It seems strange to read of events oh so long ago when here in the States only 400 years marks the beginning of history. The cobblestones look neat when wet.

  4. I love flower markets and that one looks really colourful. Cobbles look so quaint but I find them painful to walk across.

  5. Goodness me Marianne, lots to see here! The church in the market place is an amazing mix of architectural style oui!
    p.s. sorry about the rainy pics today, will show you some more Perth blue skies soon :)

  6. Wat een mooie stad is dat en mooie foto's ondanks de regen.

  7. Het ziet er een mooie stad uit, er is zoveel van Nederland dat wij nog niet gezien hebben.


  8. Zwolle heeft een prachtige oude binnenstad. Het regenachtige weer geeft een eigen bijzondere sfeer.

  9. Your country has tremendous beauty in it's art and cities. It's interesting to see how people can live in confined spaces. We take up huge amounts of territory for our cities.

  10. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely photos anyway, despite the market stands and the rain.
    Love that glass angel.

  11. Marianne, I loved this post. The history lesson was awesome and the photos were beautiful!

  12. Marianne - Your posts on history just get better and better. I always loved learning in school about other countries and you are one of the persons that have brought that interest from your country and whereabouts right up close and personal. Thankyou.

  13. Prachtige fotos, Marianne - ik ben hier in Sept. 2008 geweest. En ik ben vlakbij geboren - in IJsselmuiden (Kampen).