zondag 20 oktober 2019


There is no bridge in Amsterdam without parked bicycles attached to the fencing.

zaterdag 19 oktober 2019

Haddon Hall

Saw the movie "Downton Abbey" last night that brought back memories to my visit at another British Mansion "Haddon Hall" I visited last month.

The guide.

One of the former inhabitants.

vrijdag 18 oktober 2019


Strange sky in my backyard. Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

woensdag 16 oktober 2019


Autumn is visible everywhere with the falling leaves here in Amsterdam.

And the hazy shades.

dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

Child's clothes

This child's dress was exhibited at the Hermitage "Juwels of the Tsar" exhibition. It dates from late 17th - early 18th century. The design is from Italy or Germany and the material is silk, silver and silver-gilt thread.  Oh,  I can imagine to wear this as a child and make a pirourette....

And for a Romanov boy this Tartar, Kaukasic jacket made of silk and velvet with pearls.
Linking to "Our World Tuesday"

maandag 14 oktober 2019


The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam does not have only Russian art items. 
In the basement are some huge portraits of old Dutch masters. This time they made a funny twist to put some photo portraits of wellknown Dutch people between the paintings, dressed in the costumes of a historical person.

Ruud Gullit was a famous professional footballer as you can read here.

zondag 13 oktober 2019

Folk singers

The "Jordaan" is one of the eldest and well known working class neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Many folk singers with the typical Amsterdam accent have grown up here. As a tribute to them these statues have been placed at the Johnny Jordaan square.
From left to right, Manke Nelis, Tante Leen, Johnny Jordaan, Johnny Meijer and Tante Mien with Bolle Jan. 

zaterdag 12 oktober 2019


A reflection of an artwork in a canal in Almere Haven.

And another one around the corner.

vrijdag 11 oktober 2019


We don't have much of a sky here  at the moment. So this is what it is.
Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

About yesterday's post about the fire were some questions, I can tell you that he neighbour's wife is ok, she was home the same evening. The damage in the kitchen is more worse, everything has to be repaired. From pipes through the house,  kitchen funiture etc. The police had ordered a special professional cleaning crew to clean the house. We had no idea that these services exist and are coordinated by them. 

donderdag 10 oktober 2019

Tree leaves

We have a currant tree in our frontyard and as it is autumn now with lots of rains, its leaves began to fall off in rapid tempo. So I decided to sweep them up from the street and put them in the bin. Hubby got inspired and started to sweep the roof of  our shed and the one of our neighbours. He had borrowed a ladder from the neighbours and they helped us to lift down the leaves in a basket from the roof. We were chatting and laughing with each other when suddenly someone came running by telling that there was smoke coming from the roof of our neighbours house!

It was panic, the neighbor's wife had put a pan with fat on the stove that had sat on fire! She had  completely forgotten while helping us with our leaves. She ran into  the kitchen to try to blush the fire, but the kitchen was full of smoke already.  Luckily the Fire Brigade arrived in a few minutes with three! fire engines and had the fire under control very quickly. The neighbours wife had inhaled smoke and had to go to hospital for treatment. And we all left shaking behind, what disaster can happen in a few minutes.

dinsdag 8 oktober 2019

Police Station

At the Open Monuments Day last September we visited the former Police Station in our village Almere Haven.  It is built in 1985 by the now world famous Dutch architect "Rem Koolhaas" This was his first project and  I think he is not so proud of it as he never mentiones it in publications.

The balloons were only placed for the Open Monuments Day.

It is now in use for creative outings as this one. In the background you see the patio in the heart of the building.

This was a former cell with some appropiate art.
Linking to "Our World Tuesday"

maandag 7 oktober 2019

Monday Mural

A mural at our local highschool in Almere Haven made by a few pupils.
Linking to "Monday Mural"

zondag 6 oktober 2019


Here some items of the Juwel exhibition of the Tsar.

There were also some dresses to see, I like this velvet one.
I made the photosl with my I-phone that went very well.

zaterdag 5 oktober 2019


A reflectiom of myself in the Hermitage in Amsterdam at the exhibition about the "Juwels of the Russian Court" Linking to "Weekend Reflections"

vrijdag 4 oktober 2019


A week ago we had these bright blue skies in Bakewell England.

And now this is the view at home.....  
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