dinsdag 4 oktober 2022


 A few pictures of the Floriade exhibition

A view from the cablecar.

maandag 3 oktober 2022

Monday Mural

 The last day at the Floriade, horticulture exhibition. This  building will be used as an appartments tower. The Facade artwork will be preserved. Linking to "Monday Mural".

Read more about the building here

vrijdag 30 september 2022


 A sunset from my window. Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

donderdag 29 september 2022

Sunflowers everywhere

 The commerce around the opening of  the Van Gogh Museum was everywhere visible.

Even the flowershops had sunflowers.

woensdag 28 september 2022

Van Gogh

Between the Sunflowers Labyrint I showed yesterday was also an exhibition with paintings made by amateurs inspirerd by Van Gogh.

dinsdag 27 september 2022


 The weather is awful here at the moment with lots of rain, so a dived into the archives and found some sunshine photos of the opening of the "Van Gogh Museum" in Amsterdam in 2015.

The Museum square around the museum was filled with a labyrinth of thousands  sunflowers a tribute  to a famous painting Van Gogh once made.

Everybody could take a walk in the labyrinth.

A view at the Museum.

maandag 26 september 2022

Flower art.

 A piece of art with flowers seen at the Floriade. Linking to Monday Mural

zondag 25 september 2022


 A shadow view in Amsterdam. Linking to "Shadow shot Sunday 2"

zaterdag 24 september 2022

Wool Pavillion

The Pavillion of the Wool Union at the Floriade exhibition with a big eye at the outside

With a closer look you see all kind of waste textiles used to create the eye

The message is "With a view at the future"


vrijdag 23 september 2022


The Floriade is  a world horticulture exhibition that once in the 10 years takes place in the Netherlands.This year it was in our city Almere. There have been many troubbles to organize it, the costs were extraordinarily and nobody could understand who wanted to visit this.  I have been there once and  was not impressed. Yesterday was the second time and I took a ride in the cable railway.

 A view over a highway was not so interesting.


But at last there were flowers in full bloom.

And I flew away with feather wings.

donderdag 22 september 2022

Birds in the city

 Birds in Amsterdam always looking for food.

But he is not the only one.

Well we share there is enough.

dinsdag 20 september 2022

Het Bivak

Last weekend  the Netherlands had an anual "open Monuments" day. Mostly we go to look for something interesting in the country but this year we noticed  we had an monument in our own village Almere Haven named "The Bivak" We jumped on our bikes and cycled to an allotment complex. The "monument" happened to be a mobile home or construction barn that was used in 1975 by the first  people wo had to make a new town here. There were eight of these construction barns for  divers people to live in for some time and to think about  creating a new town.

This is inside the barn. They were meant to be used for  one year, but that ended three years later. 
Well it s a long story to tell here, but for us interesting as we live in this place from 1979.It is now in use as an office for the allotment complex.
https://www.almere.nl/over-almere/historie/erfgoedhuis/columns/het-bivak. (is a side about this history.)

zondag 18 september 2022


I visited an allotment complex in our neighbourhood and saw this sign with a funny name in dutch for leaving thick branches here, a so cold "Branches place". It is to difficult to translate the "funny" joke name in english


zaterdag 17 september 2022


A few from the archives introducing a streetart dance.

Upside down.

And turning around very fast.


Well done!

vrijdag 16 september 2022


 Look what I saw through my window this morning! The weather is just appalling but the sun was not far away! Linking to "Skywatch Friday"