donderdag 12 april 2012

Amsterdam memories

Some parts of Amsterdam I visit not so frequently because there is no special reason for. But after visiting the Maritime Museum we wandered in this neighbourhood the "Oude Schans" with on its bank the "Montelbaanstoren". The original tower was built in 1516 for the purpose of defending the city. The top half was extended to its current decorative form in 1606.

A part of the third house from the right was for a long time the home of an uncle of SC. He lived in the attic under the roof in a very tiny space with oblique walls. To reach him we had to climb many very small stairs. Our little children always loved to visit such an exciting place and to look out of the three small windows you can see on top under the roof. He was a rather eccentric person and his home was a kind of little museum with old furniture, porcelain figures and swords hanging against the wall.
After he died the house is renovated and must look quite different inside now I think.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. pretty!
    buuuuh. now its almost 1.5 years that i have not been there.
    i like your story...

  2. Always fun to visit someplace you remember as a child.
    I feel sure that Sofietje would also enjoy those low windows!

  3. What a great story about SC's uncle. I am sure I would have loved his little attic place, I can absolutely understand that your kids did :-)

  4. I can picture your uncle and the excitement of meeting him in his place. You painted a nice story