maandag 2 april 2012


The warm weather is over but for a walk it is better to have a bit chilly temperatures. This is a heathland in Bussum where we started our walk last Sunday. In summer it is all purple when it blossoms.

Then we went on through a beech forest. I like those old trees with their trunks full of stories.

I can see all kind of figures in it. Unfortunatley some people have the want to cut their name in, so stupid.

Then we crossed a nature bridge or a ecoduct which was realised in 2006 to connect two nature areas to let animals pass. There is a walking and cycling path and horsedrivers can cross too at the righthand side. The ecoduct passes a highway, a railway, a storage area for trains and  sportsfacilities, like a golf course.

Here you can see an overview of the ecoduct, it is 800 metres long and 50 metres wide. I read on Wikipedia it is the biggest ecoduct in the world, ahum, I didn't know that.
I have some more photos I'll show you another time, the post is rather long alraedy.

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  1. They are such super ideas. We have them here for koalas and other animals but not as long as that one. Its massive.

  2. Incredible the shape and happiness of trees in spring and the way they look in autumn or winter. Lovely walk.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  3. nice!
    and i like the heide in bussum.. :)
    i hate that too, when they carve their names in trees. yesterday we went for a short walk in the forest here, and some idiots put graffiti on all the rocks, really everywhere. it was soooo ugly!!

  4. It is so nice to set aside such areas for humans and animals to enjoy!

  5. What a beautiful forest. Those tree trunks are awesome. I bet you had a wonderful time strolling through it. Your header is amazing. ...the road just goes on and on and on. A great choice to introduce your blog. Hope all is well with you. I always love seeing your pictures. genie

  6. beautiful photos Bieb. hope you enjoyed your walk.