donderdag 3 mei 2012

On top

Having lunch on top of department store the "Bijenkorf" you have an interesting view at the towers of the stock exchange building. The Coca Cola light bottles are a design of Jean Paul Gaultier which were promoted in the store last week. Temperatures are going down again after the one summerday we had last monday, we are back at 13 degrees C (55.4 F) now, but yesterday we managed to sit outside with our coat on.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. The coke bottle on the left has female features?

  2. we zitten hier met hetzelfde weer
    leuk zo boven te kunnen lunchen in open lucht
    er is een winkel van gaultier hier in onze straat !

  3. Andy,
    Yes, Jean-Paul is a famous french fashion designer, so he made a fun fashion bottle.

  4. Hopefully the bottles are temporary. They seem so out of place in the overall setting.

  5. Wat leuk is dat zo boven op het dak van de Bijenkorf. Wist niet dat dat kon En wat is het weer koud he.

  6. My husband does not drink coffee or hot tea and has a Coca-Light for breakfast (just one). When we visited Paris I told him that he might have trouble "getting his Coca-light fix." It was amazing to me that most every place we went had this drink. For me, I would not think of drinking one in Paris. When in Rome....

    Hope that it warms up there soon!


  7. the lady to the left looks very dutch to me, haha!