dinsdag 1 mei 2012


Yesterday was Queensday in the Netherlands when we celebrate the birthday of  Queen Beatrix.  Everybody has a day off and the custom is to sell your attic on the streets and wear something orange because the Queen belongs to the House of Orange dynastie. It was a micracle that the weather changed for one day in summer with temperatures of 26 degrees C (78.8 F).

Because of the warm weather I decided to stay in Almere where in the Lumiere parc a big free market of toys was. Children sell their own toys for a few euros and with the money they earn, they can buy other toys.

Some try to earn some money with their talents.

This boy had invented something very original, He threw an orange through a pipe and another had to hammer it which was very difficult because it passed by very fast.

 So everybody was enjoying this free summerday with thanks to the queen who reached the age of 74 and still is working, no retire for her.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, 74 already!
    such nice pics.. but i dont really miss queensday (but the day off would have been nice, ofcourse).
    the game with the oranges is really clever, i would have liked to try that!

  2. Thank you the explanation as to what Queensday is about. Looks like fun. Here in the States people try to sell stuff from their attic, garage, storage units, yards most everyday of the year.

  3. What a wonderful tradition Bieb, good healthy fun, especially when mother nature blesses you with a beautiful day! The tradition of wearing orange makes for some fabulous vibrant images.

  4. Toch leuk als iedereen in oranje gekleed gaat.


  5. Ja wat was het mooi weer he. Bij jullie was het ook gezellig zag ik . Straks ga ik ook wat foto's van Koninginnedag op mijn blog zetten, eerst even visite's maken.
    Fijne avond nog

  6. I like the idea of the orange and pipe game.In the last photo the orange attire is amazing against the blue water!


  7. Love your photos!
    Looks like a great event.
    How would we celebrated SONJA or Mette-Marit?
    I don`t know.....

    Love the JOY and the bright orange color.

    An orange is "appelsin" in Norwegian.....