zondag 10 juni 2012


I hope you don't mind I continue my tour. This is Monaco a 2km big state with high buildings on a rock. After all the beautiful old villages we had seen before, this was quite different, Manhattan at the Mediterranean sea. At the harbour you can see the remains of the platforms for the Formule One competition which took place just a few days before we arrived.

We watched the changing of the guards at the royal palace with a few hundred other tourists.

 There were three cruise-ships in the harbour which all had to unboard their passengers in Monaco, so it was very crowded in the little town.

We didn't follow the parcours but we saw her gravestone in the church.

To avoid the crowds we decided to visit the Oceanographic Museum with a great aquarium and an exhibition of the artist Marc Quinn which this huge baby was part of.
At the blog Monte Carlo Daily Photo Jilly wrote a lot about this exhibition.

The aquarium was great with beautiful huge bassins with sharks.

On top of the museaum is a terrace with art and a view over Monaco.

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  1. The top photo with all those tall buildings certainly is a different view of Monaco. Enjoyed the aquarium photo.

  2. Enjoying the tour. Better you dealing with the crowds than I. I like the leaf art.

  3. Oh! I'm so pleased you showed us your visit to beautiful Monaco .... It's such a clean classy city. I can imagine how busy it would have been with a cruise ship in the harbour and visitors for the Grand Prix.

  4. I have actually had the pleasure of visiting Monaco. It was truly beautiful and I had the best pizza ever there. It was the only thing I could afford! Great photos!

  5. You are having a great tour. That is the worst thing about touring . you have to do it with thousands of others.