maandag 23 juli 2012

At Last!

The protest march against the rain last saturday worked, ha,ha, although the better weather was predicted allready for the coming week. Anyway everybody enjoyned going out yesterday as here at the beach in Muiderberg.

We biked (with many others) to the little town Muiden, 14 km from our home.

It is a very nice road through farmland with wooden barns.

We passed the "Muiderslot", a castle dating from 1370 at the mouth of the river Vecht, some 15 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.

And here we are in Muiden, a pretty little town with a lock where in summer many yachts have to pass. It is always a touristic attraction because the boats have to fit in the lock which isn't easy. The  men always stands behind the steering wheel shouting against the woman in the front to tie the rope.
It is hilarious for the audience sitting on the terrace along the lock.

The bridge turns open and the boats can pass.

We had a nice beer with "bitterballen", crunchy deep-fried meatballs with mustard, before biking home another 14 kilometers.

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  1. Thank you Holland for making the sun come out and sending some south also !!

  2. Congratulations!
    And, yesterday we had a huge downpouring of rain, finally. So good news for all.

  3. Ja waat heerlijk hè eindelijk lekker weer. Heerlijk om zo te fietsen en ja inde sluizen is het altijd een geschreeuw in deze drukke tijden. Wij hebben zelf gezeild en iedere dag moesten we wel door een sluis waar de mensen stonden te wachten tot de kermis weer begon. hihi.

  4. ooooohh how nice!
    we used to bike there too!
    and my goodness, those bitterballen. i want them too..... yumyumyum...
    when the dutch were playing soccer in the tournament we went to a cafe here where all the dutch came together to watch. they also had bitterballen. i was soooo excited. but the americans did not know how to fry them (can you believe it?!), so they tasted really, really awful.... :(((((

  5. The part about couples trying to get their boat through the lock was funny. I can just imagine...hours of entertainment!

  6. Dat is toch wel wat oefening voor 1 dag. Die duvel is zeker verdient.


  7. The pictures were great and the beach looked awesome. I loved the castle photo. I've never heard of bitterballen but it sounds interesting!

  8. Ja, heerlijke bitterballen heb ik in een tijd niet gehad. Maar met de kerst maken we kroketten en die zijn ook zo lekker !

    I looked at and read all your posts back to the beginning of July - very interesting ! Goed dat je weer wat fatsoenlijk weer heb. Stuur maar een beetje regen deze kant op - 't is hier erg droog, en heet.

    Fijne dinsdag, Marianne.

  9. CaT,
    That is bad they can't fry them proper, I had fried chicken there but that is not so crispy indeed.

  10. It was time. You had such a long period of bad weather. It all looks very inviting now. MMMM de bitterballen zien er zo lekker uit

  11. I told you I was sending the sun :)

    Looks like a wonderful day. I have actually visited that castle.

  12. what a wonderful spot for a bike ride!! I will have to seek out this bitterballen (even if they are not fried properly) to get a taste.