woensdag 18 juli 2012

The Rainbow Nation

Today is Nelson Mandela International Day, his 94th birthday. In the city The Hague is during the summer months an exhibition with work by South African artists, called the "Rainbow Nation". This work shows the days Nelson Mandela was a prisoner.

Each plate represents a South African prisoner and the days he was prisoned, it is made by Willem Boshoff.

The sculptures are a reflection of the political and social revolution and compared to other expressions of art, the South African sculptures use many materials such as iron, bronze, wood, paper, cowhide and found objects.

This elephant is made of recycled rubber tyres by Andries Botha.

A taxibus made of plastic coat hangers by Gordon Froud.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Artists have a profound imagination. I like the elephant and that the sculptures are made from recycled materials.

  2. Wonderful art pieces. I found the hash marks in groups of 7 rather than 5. I've never seen it that way before but it makes sense - each group representing a week.

  3. Amazed at the things that they have turned into art!

  4. Some impressive pieces of art.


  5. Such a creative and expressive exhibit. I enjoyed this.