woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Angels and mice

I don't know exactly why but at the cultural market in Amsterdam last weekend several people walked with huge wings.
They promoted museums and were willing to pose for me.
These two characters from the books about Geronimo Stilton had a meet and greet at the bookmarket.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love markets and this one looks fun. The mice are cute.

  2. Cute pictures. The second angel looks like she is about to go airborne! The mouse picture is so colorful...love it!

  3. I can imagine this would have been so popular with the littlies Marianne. The angel in the second shot looks like she is about to be carried away by the wind!!

  4. Ja waarom dossen ze zich zo uit. Net zal wel ergens voor zijn hè.

  5. I prefer the female angels.