donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Inside the castle

A few images of the Loevestein Castle I showed in yesterdays post.

In the attic was a wheel to hoist goods from the groundfloor up for storage.

Watch the beautiful wooden roof.

The most famous object in the castle is this book chest in which the Dutch Hugo Grotius escaped from the castle in 1621 in which he was prisoned for life. He is considered  one of the founders of modern law. It is a long story to tell here but you can read about it here.

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  1. ah!
    The simplicity of this building and its objects is very sweet. I am intrigued by the chest and will have to come back and read the link.
    hope you're well, Bieb!!

  2. Love that chest! I have a few of my own and really like them; doubt that I'd have to use any of them for escape, tho.

  3. yes, that is such a cool story.. :)
    i must have been there once, too. but i dont remember... (except the chest)

  4. I miss wooden furniture at homes. Elegance and age are together in those photos. I am little gloomy. you are right.


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  5. I love these posts, there is nothing more interesting in exploring castles! Great photos

  6. Gorgeous high vaulted wooden ceilings in the castle Marianne, but they certainly don't look cosy, bet it was hard in days gone by to keep warm.