dinsdag 4 september 2012


As I mentioned yesterday I went to the big flea-market in Lille last Saturday. It was a beautiful bright warm day but the city was so crowded with so many people that we felt a bit stuffy. It was like a Queensday in Amsterdam, everybody tries to sell their old things, street after street. When we saw something interesting it was very expensive. So in the end I only bought a poster and my daughter some clothes.
We tried to catch a glimpse of the old city and climbed on the stairs of a building to have a look over the crowds.
There was a bookmarket in the courtyard of the old stock exchange.
At a terrace we had lunch with a "Galette", a buckwheat flour pancake. I had it garnished with potatoes and ham, my daughter with mushrooms.
The main menu however this day is the shell-fish "Mussels with French fries". You saw it offered everywhere and these are the remains.
We found a rare quiet place here.
Where my daughter made this picture of me. At twelve o'clock midnight we arrived home again, where we tumbled in our beds. What a day!

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  1. These are fantastic photos. The buildings are amazing.

  2. Wat mooi is Lille maar je had wel wat over voor die rommelmarkt. Is de Albert Cuyp niet dichterbij?

  3. Prachtig gebouw Marianne. Maar wat een drukte ! Je zult wel dood moe geweest zijn.

    Veel rust, en fijne dinsdag nog.

  4. thanks a lot for this beautiful trip, I enjoyed!!!
    a big hello from Spain,

  5. I was really surprised of the beauty in Lille. Hope to see more article about this city. Excellent shot of the chamber of commerce.

    These were my visits:

  6. Such a pretty picture of you! What a nice day. I love the tower on that building in the first picture.

  7. I would have been in heaven there, thanks for the tour!

  8. how nice!
    how was the pancake? it looks interesting...

  9. Great impressions from lille and yu have enjoyed my favourite food in this part of France, les galettes:-))+cider-yumyum!