donderdag 6 september 2012

Museum troubles

During the Cultural market the "Rijksmuseum" in Amsterdam opened the passage through the building for public temporary. The museum has been closed for 10 years! now during renovations and  will be open April 2013. It is a shame because it all had to do with money, fights, replacing  architects and mismanagement.
Now the openening has been announced, the first discussions have started again. For instance the new logo of the name as you can see here above, it is not one word but two now and that is not correct in dutch spelling. So here we go again.

The second discussion is the passage. It used to be a gangway for pedestrians and cyclists. It is closed now for 10 years already and the museum director doesn't want bikes and  scooters under his museum anymore. The cyclist's union however has gone to court immediately to get their rights and they won the case.
The entrance to the museum for public will be in the passage and here the cyclists and scooters have to pass too. I agree with the museum director it is a crazy idea. Traffic in Amsterdam has increased enormous, especially the cyclists. Scooters were rare ten years ago but now it looks like Rome in Amsterdam. But the judge has spoken and we will see next year how many tourists will survive a visit to the museum. 

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  1. I actually had to laugh all the time while reading your post, because of all the stupidity surrounding this museum for the past ten years. I agree with the museum director too, it looks crazy to me to let cyclists and scooters share this passage with pedestrians. And "it looks like Rome in Amsterdam" haha, very funny description :-)

  2. I had no idea it had been closed for so long. I agree with Nellies...Shouldn't mix the pedestrians and wheels..Sometimes things have to change!

  3. I think (hope!!!) the problem will be resolved all by itself. People who drive a scooter have a brain as well, and they will understand very soon that driving through this passage is out of time.
    But I'm glad the Rijksmuseum (I like the logo, which doesn't need to be the same as the word) will reopen soon.

  4. I'm sure it would only be a matter of time before someone got hurt if they allowed scooters and bikes through, anyway this beautifully arched passage was designed perfectly for people to enjoy I'm sure, its so beautiful Marianne.

  5. You are right, I can not believe that they close such a building for 10 years. But it is all about politics.


  6. :)
    so much troubles!
    but still.... its much nicer than the usa, all those bikes, i think!

  7. What A waste of time...people could be enjoying this beautiful place. But I would not allow bikes or scooters inside.. Welcome to FF

  8. It must have been exciting to have this passage open again after so long, even if only for a brief time.

  9. thanks for this update from the Rijswkmuseum, indeed I remember passing under the museum more than 10 years ago, happy weekend from Rijswijk! I found you via the blog of Filip&Kristel;