zondag 16 december 2012

Christmas lights in Antwerp

Saturday I went with SC and our daughter to Antwerp in Belgium to watch the Christmas markets. I like the city with its old houses and narrow streets very much but had never been here during the festive season before.
There were big bowls with fires to sit around and enjoy your "hot wine".
When it was getting dark the lights went on at the giant wheel.
The trees looked magical. 
At the Christmas market you could buy many beautiful items.
I wasn't aware of the tragedy that had taken place in Connecticut last Friday, we left Saturday very early in the morning and hadn't seen any news. I feel for the American people who have to cope with another deadly shooting incident at a school, it is incredible.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Antwerp and it looks a lovely city for Christmas shopping!

  2. ha, je was in de buurt
    prachtige foto's
    hoop dat je ervan genoten hebt
    ik ben er zelf niet geweest, ik heb de foto's toegestuurd gekregen

  3. What a lovely time enjoying the Christmas lights and tree, the hot wine and market. It all looks and sounds so festive. Happy Sunday!

  4. Antwerpen is toch zo'n mooie stad. Heb er ook al veel over geschreven. Prettige kerst.


  5. Beautiful! I have never visited Antwerp. One day maybe... It was very soothing to see all these magical lights after what happened here in the US on Friday... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. It is delightful to see such wonderful Christmas celebrations! I love Belgium.

  7. Antwerpen is zo'n mooie stad en nu heeft het extra glans en kleur gekregen. Mooie foto's.

  8. Beautiful photos and very festive. I love the lights at Christmas more than anything.

  9. All very jolly and sparkling and the trees are lovely.Thanks for showing festive Antwerp!