dinsdag 19 februari 2013

On the way to the Museum

On my way to the exhibition I could spot the fashionistas.

Also a Gaultier adept?

In front of the Museum the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. You can always tell when their mother stops dressing them.

  2. Andy made me laugh. Great Shots. One of our daughters is a Fashionista.

    When she was going with us somewhere (when a teenager). My husband would always say "would you please check and see what she is wearing".

  3. We all have our own styles! Each generation has their own and I think it makes for some intereting people watching.

  4. I think those legs would look better with the brick pants that guy has on.

  5. Cool pants but I wouldn't wear them!

  6. de drie samen maken het echt interessant

  7. Loved seeing the tributes to Gaultier in the outdoor art, the "striped" trees, and the museum.

    I am not sure that I would wear the brick-patterned pants - hah!


  8. leuk vind ik het laatste foto van Henk Visch (1999) en het heet AUB au mijn benen. Mooi de Bretonse strepen die je nu overal in de stad ziet. Ik heb de Euromast met deze strepen. Als het minder druk is wil ik ook nog naar de tentoonstelling van Jean Paul Gaultier. Groetjes Dietmut