woensdag 24 april 2013

Nijenhuis Castle (2)

The interieur of the castle is rather modernized to be able to expose paintings  because it is a museum now. It is a mix of old furniture with the work of the artist Hieron Pessers (1939-2004). He made magical-realistic paintings and this one is called "Hello my love, Goodbye" from 1988.

This one is called "I'm so weary and all alone" from 2001.

Left "In case of dreams" and right "This is no man"

A fireplace with old "Delft Blue"tiles.

Look at the lovely details.

A view through the window.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What an amazing place. Such an interesting mixture of styles!

  2. This is most interesting and such a display - I would love to wander through each room and relive the past.

  3. A gorgeous building. I like the old blue tiles but not fussed on the art.

  4. Awesome place. Not only is there art but it's displayed in a spectacular way.

  5. Quite a mixture of styles in the museum. I like that picture of the leaded light window showing the view outside.

  6. Ik ben verbaast van de moderne schilderwerken, wel heel mooi.


  7. i like the art!!!
    very nice pics!

  8. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting this Marianne, I thought the artwork would be more traditional..I like it and I've always looooved the Delft tiles so much.