maandag 20 mei 2013

Photo Festival Naarden

Every two year the pretty fortress city of Naarden has a photo exhibition about Dutch photographers. At different locations and in the open air you can watch the most wonderful photos. When entering the city you get a foretaste with the big photos placed along the fortress ramparts.

The theme of the festival  of this year is "Don't stay here. Dutch photography on the move" so we saw photos made all over the world. This is outside the big Church where also photo's were placed.

Inside the Church were several exhibitons.

These are portraits of homeless people from the southern states of America made by Jan Banning.

Here a photographer was telling to a group about his travels to Cambodia and his photos he made there.

This location was in the attic of the Town Hall. I had to climb many stairs to reach here, but that is part of this festival, you come at places you otherwise never will see. 

Look what a pretty building the Town Hall is. 

This photo was one of my favorites, a group of factory workers in China made by Willem Wernsen.

Although the weather was not what we had expected we braved the cold outside with a portion of warm Bitterballen.

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  1. What a wonderful idea: A photo exhibit that helps you discover artists, regions of the world, and of course, local monuments and buildings you may not get to visit otherwise. An excellent initiative. It looks like the weather is not improving fast in Europe this spring! Courage, courage... Summer will arrive eventually. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. I can't help but to think how many megapixels your camera would have to have in order to get images that large.

  3. What a wonderful setting for a photograph exhibition Marianne. Looks like there is so much fine work to see, lots of inspiration oui :)

  4. Geweldig zo'n fototentoonstelling. Altijd erg de moeite waard.

  5. Really amazing......I'd love to see this exhibition sometime!


  6. This looks like a fantastic festival. Photography can be big treat. I like the attic in the town hall.
    Now I just have to know what bitterballen is. It looks so good .

  7. The Town Hall is beautiful indeed - there are many lovely photos here and way up in the attic. I was wondering how those photographs would be protected along the wall of the canal and what a great idea to introduce and discover new photographers, more of your wonderful country and the bitterballen looks tasty - I shall now click the link to see what it is. Have a wonderful day.

  8. that looks so nice!
    and the bitterballen.... hmmmmmmm, willik oooooookkk!!!

  9. A great gallery exposition. Thanks for sharing.

  10. hey, I have never heart of this festival, so I am very happy to learn about it via your blog; how long it is still on? fijne weekend uit Rijswijk!

  11. What a wonderful event. . .and photo opportunity!