zondag 5 mei 2013

Tulip festival

In the Noord-Oostpolder you can every year watch the tulipfields. Last year we went in April as you can see here, but this year nature is discomposed because of the cold spring we have. The fields were not yet all covered with blooming tulips.

So we watched the special garden with all types of different tulips.

From pink

To yellow, watch how they are bowing in the wind.

But we were blown off our feet  by the cold strong winds and decided to move on to another place I'll show you tomorrow. I think you understand this is me, couldn't see any tulips anymore.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the shot of the pink tulips.

    They are late this year. it was one year ago today that we were there....and they had been blooming for awhile!

    I hope you found a place to get out of the cold wind.

  2. The colours are indeed very beautiful and the first photo amazes me with the size of the fields. I once saw tulip fields by air on a nature program on internet and thought they were so amazing. I can see all the various colours in second photo with the motor bike people dressed warmly . The striking soft pink and the bright yellow in great abundance makes my small garden in the yard look even smaller. The lady in the photo shows how hard the wind was blowing with her hair rushing to her face. Chilly, chilly - we are still experiencing chilly northerly winds, but the buds have sprung out on most trees - now to actually get some warmth for the flowers and leaves to follow. Nice colourful post. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Heel mooi en creatief. Zeker het shot van onderen getrokken, wil ik ook wel eens doen. Toevallig heb ik gisteren een artikel over het tulpenfestival in Istanboel geschreven


  4. sooooo pretty!!!
    and so many colors and varieties...

  5. Goh wat leuk om er foto's van te zien. Gisteren reden we van Groningen naar Utrecht, dus ook door de polder. Vanuit de auto probeerde ik er foto's van te maken, maar dat mislukte.
    Mooi kleurrijk geheel. Groetjes,

  6. It's almost impossible for us to understand large fields of tulips. It's a very beautiful sight.

  7. Mooie foto's, vooral de close up van de roze tulpen.

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    That indeed is a strong wind! Too bad for viewing such wonderful tulips...
    Enjoy a lovely new week.

  9. They are gorgeous. I wish I were there.

  10. This post brings back so many memories of when I lived in Holland. I lived for a few months in Lisse - so beautiful ever spring!!

  11. One year I must come over to the Netherlands and see the tulip fields for myself. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  12. You do look a little windswept Marianne :) what a marvelous sight and such a wonderful image you took of the pink tulips, the colours are sublime!

  13. Wow, those tulip fields are gorgeous. Nice photos.