dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Groeneveld Castle

Groeneveld Castle is an estate in Baarn which was build in 1710. In the 17th and 18th century rich Amsterdam people used to built a property in the country to spend the summer. It is now owned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and in use as a Museum.

The rooms are not furnished but some of them have big paintings.

The hallway has a nice ceiling.

The garden is beautiful and very huge. The surroundings are 130 hectares and are accessible for walking and  cycling.

This is the building seen from the backside.

In the garden are several sculptures.

And waters with white waterlillies.

In the garden was an ice cellar. As there were no freezers in the 17th century, people used in winter to cut 
big blocks of  ice from the nearby water and stored it under the ground in a very deep cellar, sometimes 5 metres deep. The cellar was very well isolated and the ice was covered with hay. When the cellar was well isolated, the ice blocks could used even in summer to keep the food in the castle cool.
The cellar is now in use by big ear bats, who love the cool atmosphere.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm intrigued with old buildings. This one is classic.

  2. What a beautiful building and grounds. Interesting about the ice cave.

  3. Dearest Marianne,
    What a beautiful architecture that is from 1710; amazing if you realize what they managed to do mainly by hand back than. How genius for having ice blocks stored that deep for keeping even through summer! The contrast between rich people and poor peasants back than was quite striking if we look at such a lifestyle in luxury...

  4. I really like that sculpture and was impressed with how efficient the ice cellar was even if it meant a long walk to get a bowl of ice cream.

  5. It's great that these well built buildings have been kept as they add beauty and history to the area.

  6. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord, dus erg leuk om je foto's te bekijken. Een bijzonder gebouw!

  7. prachtige foto's van een indrukwekkend juweeltje

  8. So very beautiful Marianne. What a wonderful exploration you could have here.

  9. That looks like the perfect place for an afternoon out especially in the current weather. Big house with art and large sunny gardens with pond and sculpture - who could ask for more.
    The ice cellars were quite common for big houses over here too. I think winters must have been colder then, as most years I can't imagine that very much ice would be available these days. Mind you look at all the Dutch paintings there are of people skating on canals - I'm sure that's no longer common.

  10. this is so pretty!
    and i very much like the sculpture of the lady at the water...

  11. Prachtige plek en dus niet alleen om de muizen op zolder te gaan bekijken.