vrijdag 26 juli 2013


I always like to watch dogs enjoying the outdoor life. First a snif,

And here we go, round and around, scratching my back.

He, he, that was nice!

We still have high temperatures and no thunderstorms in our neigbourhood. The heatwave is now official, 5 days in a row with temperatures above 30 degrees C
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  1. We are having vicious downpours here today - its like the firemen turned on their hoses - lots of water here - no doubt sometime today there will be some flooding......and then I look at your sunshine and dogs playing and people reading and just enjoying the day. I did that yesterday on my bike and went for a long ride in the countryside. Have a wonderful day Marianne.

  2. It looks like everyone is enjoying the weather....especially the dog!

  3. I recall those days lying in the sun catching those rays. Nowadays I do my best to keep covered up.

  4. Someone has a very good looking, playful little dog!

  5. Two things made me smile here Marianne..first the cute little dog having such fun in the sun and secondly that just over 30C is a heatwave, here we call that a cool summers day :)

    1. Funny, the same when you talk about a "cold" day, like 16 degrees, that is a nice temperature here. The differences between northern people and southern I think.

  6. That's too hot for me! 20 C is about right. People look as if they are really enjoying the sunshine.

  7. Dearest Marianne,
    Good for you that finally real summer is there to stay in The Netherlands! Here we have had 2 days without rain; that is exceptional but temperatures rise above 40°C...
    Hugs and happy summer weekend!

  8. The grass probably feels cool to him. It's hot here in California is well, we stay in the house with the air conditioning.