vrijdag 16 augustus 2013


From Alesund we went on the "Hurtigruten" a boat which sails along the shores of Norway on a daily basis. It is a kind of ferry/cruiseship, you can step up in nine harbours and get of whenever you want. The boat takes goods and mail and passengers, you can sleep on the boat or sail along for a while from one harbour to another. That's what we did, we sailed from Alesund to Geiranger through one of those many beautiful  fjords Norway has.

We sailed along the high rocks with only the sound of the boat. We only met another Hurtigruten boat that sailed the other way around.

And everwhere you see the water falling down of the mountains.

In  Geiranger we went up a mountain again and had a view at the harbour where we had disembarked.

The coach went up very high on top of a mountain where we saw glaciers and where it was so cold and windy I could hardly hold my camera.

When it started to rain we all jumped in the coach again, it was icy like we were on the North Pole.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. They are all beautiful, but tha harbour shot is amazing.

  2. Some of the photos didn't download. The harbor photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. All shots are beautifully descriptive in their beauty. Amazing to see the snow, the absolutely stunning harbour shot and how tiny the boats are as they cruise along the fjords of Norway. My idea of a most perfect day, nice raindrop shot too.

  4. Wat leuk dat jullie een stuk van de Hurtigruten gevaren hebben. Wij hebben de schepen meerdere keren gezien, maar zijn nooit meegeweest. Geweldige foto's!

  5. I am really enjoying seeing Norway through your eyes and camera lens. What a beautiful place, but they can keep their cold, wind and icy rain.

  6. Wat wen geweldig idee is dat. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord. Wat zijn die Noorse fjorden toch prachtig hè. Ik zou zo wel weer willen gaan.
    Fijn weekend!

  7. Now I'm going to have to look at the amp and see where you were. It's a very beautiful land. I like the shot from the mountain top where the boat looks like it is almost on the beach.

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    Quite impressive this West Norwegian Fjord and no wonder they are a World Heritage Site! This Fjord is 60 km inland and the mountain only at an altitude of 1,850 m above sea level but 1,761 m about Flord level. The cold and windy environment is much more because of its latitude of 62° N.
    Hope you got dressed warm enough for buffering that climatic change.
    Lovely sights all those cascading water falls off the mountain!
    Your trip was no doubt a spectacular one.

  9. Wow what a stunning country The views are amazing You must have a fantastic time

  10. The view down to the harbour is fabulous like out of a picture book. I wouldn't have liked that cold snap.

  11. oooooh, pretty! but looks cold indeed!