dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Photo exhibition

 The FOAM Photography Museum in Amsterdam has an exhibition with an overview of forty years of photography of leading Dutch magazines as reflected by the work of five photographers.

I was very interested in this exhibition as for forty years ago I worked for the publisher of these magazines and it brought back such nice memories to see all the covers and photo's of long ago again.

This article about Route 66 in the US I remembered so well, it woke a deep desire in my mind to travel and once to see it myself. Many years later I did indeed.

The photography in the magazines was high standing and very original. This one is made by Bart Nieuwenhuys in 1991.
I was so going back in time that at home I went to look for some old pictures of my time working for the publisher. I will show you tomorrow.

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  1. Most interesting photos from Magazine - now, did you play the appropriate music when on route 66 - anticipating your olde photos during your time working for the publisher :)

  2. Amsterdam is fo filled with the arts. This is an interesting museum which I would love to have visited. I know it was a treat for you to see old pictures you remember. The one with the cigars smoking is awesome.

  3. wow, so incredible, Bieb! all the images are striking and timeless.
    I look forward to seeing your photos from that time.

  4. how cool!!
    we were in FOAM a few weeks back and then i didnt like at all what they were showing... but i see its time to go back.
    and im curious what you will show tomorrow... :)

  5. Nothing more fun than a photo exhibit, and this one looks VERY interesting! Glad that you were able to visit part of Route 66. Anxious to see your photos tomorrow.

  6. That cigar photo is pretty cool looking. Yes, I am looking forward to what you have in store to show us.

  7. That must have been fabulous, working for a magazine Marianne. I have heard and read that Route 66 has some amazing old 'ghost' towns.

  8. Photos are like many things...the characteristics of the time are most noticeable. Technique and style are obvious. I think that's what made this so interesting for you.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Great to see that poster about Bertus Aafjes; a personal friend of us...
    Sure it did bring back fond memories for you!

    1. Oh, how nice you knew him! What a coincidence.

    2. Je reageerde vandaag op mijn blogpost over 30 jaar vriendschap en daar kun je onderaan de link vinden: http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2011/02/our-everglades-adventure-with-friend.html
      Dit had ik destijds ingezonden als reisverhaal voor Avenue en ik haalde de 11de plaats; nét niet in de prijzen. Maar toch best goed. Het verhaal staat origineel in het nederlands nog helemaal onderaan. Dit was dus zo'n 10 jaar nádat jij voor de publisher werkte... Maar toch grappig!

  10. Wat leuk om op deze manier weer even terug te zijn in de 'oude tijd'.